Find Lost Smartphone Using Google's Android Device Manager

If your smartphone is lost and you are worrying to trace its location then you can do this easily even if certain important apps are not installed on your phone. There is one method by which you can find your lost smartphone and this is Google's Android Device Manager.

All the android smartphones come with Google play installed in it when you use google play for the first time in your android phone then Android device Manager gets automatically installed on your smartphone. Now we are discussing How to activate the android device manager.

How to Activate the Android Device Manager

Following are the steps to activate the Android Device Manager
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Go to Security
  3. Then Move to Device Administrators
  4. You will see a list of apps and the first app is Android Device Manager
  5. Tap on it and activate it
After activating your android device manager you need to go to your web browser and follow the steps give below to find the location of your device
  1. You have to  Visit Google Play home 'Visit Google Play Home'
  2. You will see a gear icon (icon similar to the settings icon in the android) in the top right corner 
  3. Click on it and you will see Android Device Manager
  4. Click on Android Device Manager
  5. Once Android Device Manager is opened in your browser it will automatically start trying to locate your device
  6. Once Android Device Manager has located your Device you will see its location on google maps
Now you will be provided with three options there

1. Ring The Device

This feature will ring your smartphone For 5 minutes at full volume even if your device is at silent mode but the device would not ring if it is switched off 

2. Lock The Device

This feature will lock your smartphone and you will be provided a new password to access can also set your desired on your Device.

3. Erase All Data

Using This feature you can delete all the private data of your device which include images music or other files. This can not delete the content of your SD card. This feature will factory reset your smartphone.

Useful Apps To Find Your Lost Smartphone

Following  are the useful apps to Detect the lost device
  1. Android Lost: Download android lost by Clicking Here.
  2. Find My Phone : Download Find My Phone by Clicking Here

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