What is Gorilla Glass | Know whether to put screen protector on smartphone display or not

Friends, sometimes we accidentally break or scratch our mobile screen. Now we do not need to worry about this because today I will tell you about Gorilla Glass. We will know What is gorilla glass and what is Its history. Also, we will know why it is named as Gorilla Glass. And we will discuss is it necessary to use a Screen Protect.

Friends, it is not a very old thing, but you will remember that earlier you had to be very cautious about the phone's display. A slight scratch on the phone's screen also made us sad. If the phone falls on it and the screen breaks, then the service center of the companies also had to rotate for several days. But within a short time, technology changed its course and nowadays smartphone displays are starting to come rock-solid. Apart from being strong, these displays have also become scratch-resistant over time. Which means they are less likely to scratch. The technology has left the phone's display saving concern. This is due to the strong glass.
You may have seen many types of displays in its specification while buying a smartphone. Many companies also market the phone's strength and hardness and sell it. In today's smartphones, the displays have started coming so strong that if the phone is dropped from the height, the body of the phone comes out but only the scratches are light on the display. You must have also heard about the Gorilla Glass Display. Gorilla Glass comes in many smartphones. But do you know what happens to this Corning Gorilla Glass?
Gorilla glass is also a kind of strong glass made by a company called Corning . Glass  named Asahi's Dragontrail Glass etc. also makes other companies. But of these, gorilla glass is more popular. Gorilla Glass has just launched five generations. Gorilla Glass 5 is light in weight, thin, and damage resistant. Many latest smartphones are coming with Gorilla Glass 5.

History of Gorilla Glass

The first version Corning Gorilla Glass 1 was launched in February 2008. After which the company made it strong and scratch-resistant and launched new versions one after the other. The latest version Gorilla Glass 5 was launched in July last year. It was first used by Samsung in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Let us tell you that Gorilla Glass is used not only in smartphones but also in displays of TVs, personal computers, notebooks, smartwatches, etc. Corning, the company that makes gorilla glass, is strengthening it more and more with each version. This glass is made in countries like America, Korea, and Taiwan, etc.

Why is Gorilla Glass called Gorilla Glass?

It is called “Gorilla Glass” as the word Gorilla signifies the strength and the glass is mostly used to protect the display of a phone. When it is said that the glass is Corning's Gorilla Glass 5, it means that the glass is in its fifth generation. The higher the generation, the stronger and better would be the glass.

How to make Gorilla Glass

As you mentioned earlier, gorilla glass is stronger than ordinary glass. Due to this, a slightly different process is used when making it. Some elements are added during the process of making glass, which makes it solid. However, Corning has not made public the entire process of making the glass. Gorilla glass is made of aluminosilicate.

Whether to install a screen protector?

Gorilla Glass is strong, but this does not mean that you start playing table tennis with friends. To say that means is strong to an extent. If your smartphone has some kind of strong glass, then there will be no scratches, etc. on the screen with normal use. So if you have placed the coin or key with the smartphone in your pocket, then the screen will usually not scratch. But if the smartphone falls down on the ground many times, then it may be marked by dust or pebbles, etc. That is why it is said that it is better to be careful than accident If you can also be on the screen of your smartphone, then definitely keep the screen protector installed. Because once something happens to the screen and you will get it replaced, it is very expensive to work. So when protection is being provided from the protector of 100 rupees, then it must be attached. You can also watch the video below to learn more about the hidden science behind Corning Gorilla Glass.
If you have any suggestions, opinions, or other information about Gorilla Glass or Screen Protection, then do share them with us in the comments. The best comment will be added to the article.

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